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Laptop overheating: Causes and signs

Laptop overheating: Causes and signs

You’re working diligently on your laptop when it suddenly begins to feel hot, run slowly, and possibly even stop entirely. Could your laptop be experiencing overheating? It’s a situation that many of us have been through.

It is increasingly important to keep your laptop running at its best and protect it from damage, as many of us are working and learning from home. Running a poorly maintained laptop can cause it to overheat and run slowly and in some cases, you may experience long-term damage.

At Prismatic Technology, our team of professionals assists many customers in exploiting their tech to the fullest potential. We understand the importance of quickly diagnosing any issues with your device and resolving them as swiftly as possible.

Why is my laptop overheating?

Laptops are much more compact than desktop computers and have limited space for all the components. This means when you are trying to do tasks that require a lot of processing power, such as streaming videos or playing video games, the temperature of your laptop can increase significantly. Internal fans will work to cool the device, but it can still get too hot, performance is limited in order to prevent heat accumulation and facilitate cooling, this is called thermal throttling, an overheating device will do this in order to protect itself from burning up, the result of which means degraded performance.

Here are a few other reasons why a laptop might overheat:

  • The air vents are covered. This can happen when you place your laptop on a soft or uneven surface, like a bed, pillow, or lap, that reduces airflow.
  • Dust, dirt, hair, and grime can hinder your laptop’s fan, causing it to struggle to cool the device down.
  • There are problems with internal hardware, such as an old battery or decaying thermal paste, a substance that helps the processor to efficiently transfer heat to the heat sink or water block of the CPU cooler thus preventing your computer from overheating.

How do I know if my laptop is overheating?

According to Hampshire College, the temperature of a laptop should not exceed 95 degrees Fahrenheit. take steps to keep your device running smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Signs of overheating include the following:

  • Longer-than-usual wait times for basic tasks.
  • Programs or applications freezing.
  • Unresponsiveness of laptop accessories such as a mouse or keyboard.
  • Unexpected shutdowns with a delayed reboot.
  • Error messages warning of overheating.

Why is my laptop fan so loud?

A loud laptop fan can indicate that your computer is being pushed to its limits as it attempts to regulate its temperature. The underlying cause could be from a variety of sources – such as an accumulation of dust particles within the fan, air vents blocked by items placed on top of the laptop (like your lap or a soft surface, such as a bed), or too much usage of high-intensity applications (like video games or video editing software).

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In summary, laptops can overheat due to inadequate cooling, dust and dirt buildup, or hardware problems. Symptoms of overheating include slow performance, freezing programs and applications, and unexpected shutdowns. A loud laptop fan can indicate the device is being pushed to its limits and the cause may be dust buildup, blocked air vents, or too much usage of high-intensity applications. To avoid these issues and ensure your laptop is running optimally, it is important to keep your device clean and properly maintained. Prismatic+ offers comprehensive protection plans to help you keep your device running smoothly.

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