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Terms of Service


Please fully read and understand the following terms before leaving your personal property or belongings with Prismatic Technology.

Pricing: Our prices are published on our price list and vary by device model.  Unless we agree upon a different price, we will charge the price that we have published.  If you have a request that isn’t listed, please submit a price request through our website.

Repair: When the repair is completed, we create an invoice in our system and send it to you via email. You will also see it on your list of invoices when logged in. It is payable online by card using the click-to-play link in the attached invoice or via our website. After the repair is paid for, your device will be shipped back to you. If we are not able to repair it, we will require you to pay for return shipping to have us send it back or you may donate it for parts.

Warranty: All board-level repair services are guaranteed by our industry-leading lifetime warranty. Our guarantee covers the primary issue (or issues) that we repaired but does not cover the entire device. Accidental liquid, charger, or drop damage after you have received the device is also not covered. If your repair fails within three months and we cannot correct the defect in workmanship, we will refund you the cost of the repair. Beyond the three months, if we cannot correct the defect in the workmanship, we will issue store credit for the cost of the repair. We only send out robust repairs and have a very low rate of warranty problems. If possible, please back up the device before sending it as there is no way for us to warranty loss of data. Complimentary repairs are only covered on a case-by-case basis and are not covered under warranty as we only guarantee paid services.

A warranty doesn’t mean that you will automatically get a refund or a new device if the product or service is defective, Prismatic Technology is entitled to fix the device first. On the other hand, if you reported a defect to Prismatic Technology during the warranty period and the product wasn’t fixed properly, Prismatic Technology will correct the problem, even if your warranty expires before the product is fixed. Warranty claims must be reported within the warranty period.

Non-Warranty Issues: In instances where a device is submitted for warranty service, but we identify issues not covered under the warranty, we will automatically transition the device to repair status. This ensures prompt and efficient handling of your device’s needs.

Water Damaged: For water-damaged or fire-damaged devices we only carry out data recovery. Liquid damage can have long-lasting effects on a smartphone. Whilst this may solve the problem for a while, it’s entirely possible your phone will fail at some point down the line, therefore, this is not covered under our warranty and is the main reason we only carry out data recovery in this instance.

What Is The Turnaround Time (Routine repairs): connectors, simple backlight jobs, etc. 1 to 7 business days. None-Routine repairs: Depending on complexity and our queue this can take 7 business days or more. Data recovery: 6 weeks. (Rush data 2 weeks)

How Can I Get My Service Rushed (Routine Repairs): We will add $3,000 to put you at the front of the line. This often results in same-day service, this fee is non-refundable. None-Routine repair: we do not offer rush service. For data recovery, we offer a $15,000 RUSH DATA pass to accommodate faster attempts at recovering data.

Prior Repair Attempt Data Recovery: For data recovery phones that come in with a prior repair attempt that involved micro soldering, i.e. The soldered-on shields have been de-soldered from the logic board, we will adjust your estimate with a 30,000 JMD fee due to the increased complexity of prior repair attempt jobs and reduced likelihood of recovery.

Prior Repair Attempt: Any prior micro soldering logic board repair attempt will be charged an additional $8000.

Return / Refund Policy: In the event that something we fixed does not stay fixed it will need to be returned to us for repair. If we are not able to repair your device we will refund your money for the repair. Please keep in mind that we cannot issue refunds for issues that are unrelated to our repair. Shipping charges are not refundable.

Payment Terms and Return Shipping: Payment is due within 21 days of repair completion. We expect all invoices to be paid in full within 21 days of creation. Invoices not paid in full within 30 days will incur an $8,000.00 device storage fee. Invoices not paid in full within 30 days will also incur a 5% delayed payment fee, which will be added upon each recurring 30-day period until the full amount is received. Devices not paid for within 90 days of the repair completion notification or devices deemed unrepairable may be considered abandoned and used for parts or sold to cover repair and storage costs.

What If The Device Ends Up Having Something Else Wrong With It? Our no-fix = no-fee policy only covers the primary problem only. If your device turns out to have an underlying secondary defect, then we will give you some options to add on a secondary repair or receive the device back with just the primary problem fixed. Secondary problems do not qualify for a (no fix = no fee) for the primary repair that was done. For example, if your device with no touch was solved but then it turns out to not have functional Wi-Fi, this is a secondary problem and we would still bill for the no-touch solution.

How Does Our Data Recovery Service Work? For data recovery, we make no guarantee that the phone itself will work again, although we do attempt to extract the data from the phone by repairing the logic board hardware. For data recovery services, we offer a no data = no fee guarantee. If we can’t get your data, then no fee. If we can get your data, we will send you back your device which may or may not be functional or may be partially functional. We will maintain a local copy of your data until you let us know that your data has safely arrived at home.

Why Do I Have To Give You My Passcode? We need your passcode to test all the features (cameras, mics, speakers, sensors, WIFI, GPS, Touch ID, and flashlight) of the device before the repair, during the repair, and before we send it back to you. If we cannot test the device before sending it back to you, then we will not be able to offer a warranty on the repair. If you’re okay with no warranty, then we’re okay with no passcode.

If you have reservations about us seeing your data, then we recommend doing a complete backup in iTunes/iCloud and then restoring the phone to the factory state before sending it to us. If you do this, then please make sure that your phone is iCloud unlocked with no passcode and finished the setup process so that we can get access to the home screen.

Diagnostic Fee: Diagnostic service fees are not included in the repair cost. If a diagnosis is needed to find out the problem and there is a solution but you choose not to repair the device then a fee will be charged for the time to do the diagnosis service, 50% of the price quoted to repair the device.

Potential Data Loss: Prismatic Technology takes absolutely no responsibility for any data loss during the repair process. Any and all data is the sole responsibility of the individual signing this document. Data loss is a real potential risk when working with electronic equipment.

Unforeseen Damage: We are in no way responsible for any damage done to items left in our possession in their entirety or in component form; whether the damage is accidental or purposeful.

Unlawful Materials: Prismatic Technology can and will contact the authorities in cases where child pornography or abuse is detected on any device it services.

Refusal of Service: Prismatic Technology retains the right to refuse service for any reason.

Unpaid Invoices: When we complete a repair, an invoice is generated. We expect all invoices to be paid in full within 21 days of creation. Invoices not paid in full within 30 days will incur an $8,000.00 late payment fee. We will hold your device and unpaid invoice for no more than 90 days. By signing this document you fully understand that after 90 days of invoice creation, you relinquish full ownership of any items listed on this document or left in our possession to Prismatic Technology.

Rejected Payments: If a personal check is written and declined an additional $5,500.00 rejected payment fee will be added to your invoice. If we are unable to contact you or this balance is not paid in full within 30 days your invoice will be handed over to our collections department. Additional collection or legal fees may apply.