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Air Conditioning Service

Air Condition Cleaning in Kingston, Jamaica

Don’t forget to clean your home or office air conditioning units regularly. Ensure clean air, better health, and lower electric bills by scheduling Prismatic Technology to clean them every three months. Request your Air Conditioning Service now.

Hot summer days in Jamaica can be unbearable without a properly functioning air conditioner. If your AC isn’t cooling as it should, it may impact both your health and your wallet. A dirty or faulty AC can cause breathing problems and increase your electricity bill.

To ensure your air conditioner is working optimally, have it professionally maintained every three months by a qualified Prismatic Technology technician. This will extend the life of your AC, improve your health, and lower your electricity bills.

Do you struggle to sleep at night because of the heat, or suffer from sneezing and headaches when you turn on your AC? These may be signs of a dirty or malfunctioning air conditioner. Here are some common indicators that your AC is making you or your loved ones sick:

● Breathing problems
● Frequent headaches and dizziness
● Dry skin or nasal passages
● Frequent cold symptoms

Prismatic Technology can help! Request air conditioning service online or by phone, and one of our experienced technicians will be at your home, condo, or office in the Kingston and St. Andrew area within the next business day (or the same day with rush service). We can service any brand or model of air conditioner.

Breathe easier, save money, and stay cool this summer with air conditioning maintenance and repair from Prismatic Technology. If you have multiple AC units, you can receive a discount for each additional one, and scheduling cleaning every two months will result in an additional discount.

We are confident in our service and offer a full refund or no-charge policy if you are not satisfied with your air conditioning cleaning. Contact Prismatic Technology now to experience the benefits of a clean and efficient air conditioner.

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