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Business to Business Partnership Program

Are you a repair shop looking to offer logic board repair to stay competitive in your market? Join iPad Rehab’s B2B Mail-in Repair Partnership Program designed specifically for you.

Email the following information to ipadrehabbiz@gmail.com to sign up, get a B2B partner number, and receive our price list:

iPad Rehab Microsoldering B2B Partner Program 2019 TERMS OF SERVICE

First Step–Sign up for B2B! We offer discounted B2B pricing to established repair shops and high volume refurbishers only. You must have a registered business offering retail general repair to end users. Proof of B2B eligibility can be provided at signup with a link to your Google business listing which must match your address in our system. To sign up for our B2B Partnership Program, send an email to our business manager Sunday Thomson at ipadrehabbiz@gmail.com.

Getting Started: Every device needs a quote before sending. Go to www.ipadrehab.com and click “Get Started” to provide details about the device’s history, symptoms, and problems. The more information you provide, the better your quote will be. Make sure to write your B2B Program Number in the referred by field on the quote request form to unlock B2B pricing.

Thank you for considering our B2B Partnership Program. Sign up now and start offering logic board repair services to your customers.